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Dear Companions,
      We Jesuits can never thank you enough for being our companions doing the Lord's work in the world today. It is only with your continuing support, prayers and efforts that together we can make God’s love known to all people. From the very beginning of the Society of Jesus in 1540, St. Ignatius was insistent that his followers always give thanks to those who support its works. 
     When one hears the word Jesuit, images that immediately come to mind are usually of Jesuit educational ministries such as our high schools and universities. Education has been an important work of the Society of Jesus since the founding of its first school in 1548. Even before the first school was established however, Jesuits were active in caring for the poor and spreading the gospel to the far ends of the earth. Jesuits continue to be called to such ministries as caring for refugees around the world, providing hospital and prison chaplaincy and helping people with the spiritual life through retreat houses and parishes.
     One might ask, what is the animating source of all these ministries? The answer is summed up in a word that many people do not consider when they hear the word, Jesuit. That word is “Province.” Saint Ignatius himself, devised the Province as the basic animating and administrative unit of the Society of Jesus.
     It is through the province that young men are formed as Jesuit priests and brothers. It is through the province that Jesuits who can no longer care for themselves are supported in their mission to pray for the Church and the Society. It is through the province that existing ministries were founded in years past and new ministries to serve the ever changing needs of the world are founded now and in the future.
     Know that the Midwest Jesuits will always give thanks to the Lord for your kindness and generosity. Please also keep us in your prayers.

In Christ,

Brian G. Paulson, SJ
Provincial, Chicago-Detroit Province

Fr. Tom Lawler, SJ

Thomas Lawler, SJ
Provincial, Wisconsin Province